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Five Main English Language Training Centers In The UK

The decision to learn a new language is usually an exciting feeling. The idea that you get to make conversation in a different language is exhilarating. So how far would you go to achieve your goal? Several schools offer different languages for study. However, a few of these specialize on a few languages.. 

English is widely used globally; it’s the main language spoken in the UK. Finding an excellent English training center, therefore, is not too hard. That search is made easier for you by the recommendations listed below. Here are five of the main English training centers in the UK. 

1. Education First

This training center goes beyond the boring class lectures. Language immersion programs are the main study guide. Simply put, the experience of learning a language is taken away from just classroom sessions. Instead, students at Education First are exposed to communities who speak the language they are learning. This accords them a firsthand experience of making conversation in the language they are studying. 

Furthermore, the immersion concept is achieved through educational tours. Yes, global educational tours. These tours mainly target cultural experiences that will invite you to embrace the culture of the language you’re studying; in this case, English. International students get to visit various sites and destinations in the UK. Student exchange programs are a regular occurrence enabled by global establishment of the EF center. The whole experience of learning English hence becomes a journey, literally. Exciting, right?

2. Delfin English School London

Located in the capital of the UK, DelFin School boasts a holistic educational experience. Learning English here is targeted to be both educational and fun. Classroom lectures are of course present, but the sessions are not entirely monotonous. Students are encouraged to interact in English, enabling faster learning and socializing. The teachers comprise of highly qualified professionals, hence you would be in safe, professional hands. 

The learning experience is not confined to classroom walls. Sporting and other social activities are designed to maximize a cultural experience. Students get to immerse themselves in the spectacular opportunities for speaking English in London. Such include accommodation by host families to indulge in experiencing the local culture.

3. Bangor School

Established in 1884, the school has provided quality education for over a century. Its location in North Wales is described as the perfect tourist destination. Mountains and shorelines border its perimeter providing an exciting study environment. The modern languages course program promotes a thorough learning experience. International students learning English get to interact with thousands of other students in the campus. 

The learning experience at Bangor School is enhanced through social functions by clubs and societies. This way, a student gets to practice English by interactions in the activities they enjoy. 

4. Williams College

The school was founded in 2002 as an English training center. It has grown in its training to provide broader English courses. International students are encouraged to broaden their mastery of the English language. The teaching faculty at Williams School is highly accredited with training qualifications. Students are exposed to various learning programs such as field trips in London. These interactions with the local community highlights the reality of English speaking in its basic context. 

Social interactions in the school premises are designed to promote a mastery of the language. International students are given an opportunity to prepare for various exams such as TOEFL and SATs. The school has developed various academic programs enlisting a greater pool of socialization. Therefore, English students get a better chance of practicing the language through daily interactions. 

5. Totally English

Just like its name, Totally English brings a whole new adventure when learning the language. The school, located in Belfast Ireland, dedicates its resources to teaching English especially to international students. The learning program entails activities such as conversation and writing, supervised by highly qualified and friendly teachers. The unique aspect of the school is contained in its business program. 

 The teaching approach focuses on business studies. Basically, English is taught through roleplaying situations that involve business. Therefore, a student is able to improve their English while practising in a familiar environment. The experience gets better through numerous study trips that the school offers. 


Learning a new language could be challenging. It could also be a walk in the park. The fine line between difficult and exciting depends on the training center. Enrolling in a center which only wants you for your money guarantees a regrettable experience. However, training centers, such as those listed above broadens the learning experience. Much as they set an example for an excellent training center, it would be prudent to carefully consider the commitment before making a choice. 

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