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Business English Courses for professionals

If you are preparing for a business career or are already in it, you may want to sharpen your linguistic skills for effectible interactions in the business environment. Effective business communication is especially helpful if you plan on venturing the international business setting. 

All participants who take the Business English Course will be tested for their level of English language against the CEF Languages Reference. With CEF (Common European Framework), the courses are designed to suit each individual language level. Each course is geared towards achieving any of these two objectives; 

Enhance the level of language competency in the participants

To develop the language skills suitable for each context as requested by the client

Professional Business English Courses use a methodology that balances the exercises and the activities that are geared towards developing the language structure, pronunciation and vocabulary. In the course of teaching, a variety of materials are used, among them in-house and published content. The teachers provide the expertise and tools that the participants can easily use in their daily tasks.

Specifics on the Business English Courses

You will find that there are endless institutions such as Heepi Business School that offer professional courses in Business English as well as other facets of business communication. Bearing in mind that participants are at diverse language levels, each course is tailor-made to suit the participant’s language needs. Here are a few specifics about professional English courses.

Length of the Course

This is purely dependent on the participant needs and training objectives. Institutions offering these courses usually plan out the course with the clients. In most cases, the modules may go up to 42 hours, but the length is dependent on the client’s preferences.

 The mode of learning will depend on you as the client. You may choose to take up virtual/online studies, or avail a few hours of your time everyday or on weekends to get some lessons. Alternatively, you can choose an intensive plan that gets you going non-stop for a couple of weeks. When booking these lessons, you can always go with your schedule. The good thing is that you can always change your course plan should any of your circumstances change.

Course Objectives

If you are planning on sharpening your business communication skills, you will have to sit with a professional tutor and come up with a plan on how you want to achieve your objectives. In most cases, some of the objectives that are a must for each course include the following:

Studying a language range that is applicable to a variety of business topics

Practicing target words and phrases through discussions, case studies and role playing

Focusing on business writing for common documents such as letters, contracts, reports etc

There is always the opportunity of working with other business minded participants

Using current and past information as real case studies

Course Support Services

 For business professionals with an already overwhelmed schedule, a virtual program would be the perfect solution. However, as convenient as it sounds, it takes away the fun that comes with learning as a group. Therefore, if you want to network with other professionals that you will be sharing the lessons with, you can always take an evening classes program or a super intensive daily plan for a few weeks. 

If you want to take a few weeks off work to complete the super intensive language course, it is important to know that there are some training institutions that will offer you support services such as accommodation and meals while you are at it. 

The Training Institution

There are endless professional training institutions that you can enroll in to get you started. Now, to help you narrow down your search, look for those institutions you can conveniently access, especially if you plan on taking the intensive plan or the evening class program. Once you have identified a few institutions whose location is convenient, dig a little deeper. Look at their accreditations and reviews. If you are satisfied with what you see, you can enroll.

Benefits of Taking a Business English Course

Once you are through with your course, there are some significant differences you will notice. This is because the course is geared towards developing the skill set that is essential in business communication. Some of these skills involve the following:

Negotiation skills

Presentations, interviewing and business reporting skills

Developed specialized business vocabulary

Enhanced awareness for cross cultural communication

Effective sales and marketing skills

Effective business reporting especially online communication correspondence

These are only the skills gained at a basic business English course. As the levels advance, so are you able to sharpen your skill set. The linguistic prowess that you gain from the business language courses will not only give you more confidence as you talk to colleagues, you also will project warmth and professionalism.

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