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Today’s economy is a fast-paced global economy and if you want to get ahead in it, you need to be able to function and communicate on an international level. In order to do this, you must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in English as English is the international language of business. Business English is not the same as conversational English. 

Here at CSG School, we offer a variety of business courses in English which will arm you with the skills that you need to function and communicate confidently and effectively in English. Our courses have been designed specifically taking your daily work life and needs into consideration and with expert teachers and a targeted approach, we will help you to secure that ideal job, increase your chances of being promoted or simply help you to become more productive at work. Holding and partaking in meetings, writing reports and calling customers in English will no longer be an issue for you as you become more proficient in business English. 

Intensive and Skills-Based Business Courses in English

If you are looking for English training and courses that are specifically focused on the needs of a business, CSG School is the right place for you. We offer courses that are dynamic, intensive, practical and skills-based. In addition, our courses are flexible to the extent that they can be customized to meet the needs of your business as your business needs might not be the same as those of another business. 

International Business Communication


Business English 20 – 30

As an experienced business executive or manager, you might wish to improve your business language especially in a commercial context. Our international business communication course will help you to do so in the shortest time possible.    This course is for those of you who are at a fairly early stage in your business career such as those in their twenties or thirties preparing for an MBA.

Teaching English. Testing proficiency. Supporting learning.

So what makes us different? Why should you choose us over all the other institutions that offer English business courses? 

We are a school that you can trust!

We offer a professional and friendly approach!

We have teachers and staff who care about you!

A Different Way to Learn!

Whether it is online or in the classroom, we offer a different way to learn and that is the group learning approach which offer the following benefits:

More opportunities for hands-on communication and active involvement

Longer lasting understanding of the language by discussing and working through problems together

Better practice of the English language and business theories by interacting with people from different backgrounds. 

A fun and supportive atmosphere which is motivating as you are studying with people at the same level. 

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